Monday, April 11, 2005

Never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow

First the mic then a half cigarette
Singing 'Cathy's Clown'
That's the man she's married to now
That's the girl that he takes around town

She appears composed, so she is, I suppose
Who can really tell?
She shows no emotion at all
Stares into space like a dead china doll

I'm never gonna know you now
But I'm gonna love you anyhow

Now she's done and they're calling someone
Such a familiar name
I'm so glad that my memory's remote
Cause I'm doing just fine hour to hour, note to note

Here it is, the revenge to the tune
"You're no good,
You're no good you're no good you're no good"
Can't you tell that it's well understood

I'm never gonna know you now
But I'm gonna love you anyhow

I'm here today and expected to stay on and on and on
I'm tired
I'm tired

Looking out on the substitute scene
Still going strong
XO, Mom
It's ok, it's alright, nothing's wrong

Tell Mr. Man with impossible plans to just leave me alone
In the place where I make no mistakes
In the place where I have what it takes

I'm never gonna know you now
But I'm gonna love you anyhow
I'm never gonna know you now
But I'm gonna love you anyhow
I'm never gonna know you now
But I'm gonna love you anyhow

It's raining and it's washing everything away. It's raining and I stood outside my office, smoking a wet cigarette and let it soak me. So now I'm wet but it's a nice wet so I let it stay. It's raining and uh-oh-spaghetti-oh I can feel everything today times ten. So it's a Teenage Riot day today to wash the melancholy of Eliott Smith down along the water's edge and far out to sea. Where memories are like sharks: bitey.

Hi. Oh fuck, it's working.

Everybody’s talking ’bout the stormy weather
And what’s a man do to but work out whether it’s true?
Looking for a man with a focus and a temper
Who can open up a map and see between one and two

Time to get it
Before you let it
Get to you

Here he comes now
Stick to your guns
And let him through

Everybody’s coming from the winter vacation
Taking in the sun in a exaltation to you
You come running in on platform shoes
With marshall stacks
To at least just give us a clue
Ah, here it comes
I know it’s someone I knew

Teenage riot in a public station
Gonna fight and tear it up in a hypernation for you

Now I see it
I think I’ll leave it out of the way
Now I come near you
And it’s not clear why you fade away

Looking for a ride to your secret location
Where the kids are setting up a free-speed nation, for you
Got a foghorn and a drum and a hammer that’s rockin’
And a cord and a pedal and a lock, that’ll do me for now

It better work out
I hope it works out my way
’cause it’s getting kind of quiet in my city’s head
Takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now

You better look it
We’re gonna shake it
Up to him

He acts the hero
We paint a zero
On his hand

We know it’s down
We know it’s bound too loose
Everybody’s sound is round it
Everybody wants to be proud to choose
So who’s to take the blame for the stormy weather
You’re never gonna stop all the teenage leather and booze

It’s time to go round
A one man showdown
Teach us how to fail

We’re off the streets now
And back on the road
On the riot trail

It's raining. It's making patterns on my office windows and pitter patters on its roof.

It's raining and my friend broke up with her boyfriend and so I bought her flowers but she hasn't seen them yet. She came out with me last night to see a comedian and he told the audience, "Don't you think it's wrong to give someone flowers? It's like, Here, have these. Now watch them DIE"

So they sit on a kitchen bench like an answering machine with a drunk dialled message that you desperately want to erase.

In the rain it's easy to feel down. My best friend just emailed me and told me his cousin hung herself, and that he feels guilty for not feeling sadder. But life is crazy and we should all fucking love it. Not get wrapped up in black emotions and sadness. Love it while it's here. The rain tells me that.

It's raining and I want to be in the country with my girl and her dog. And she woke up and dreamt we were married, but in the rain it's all I can do to stare vacantly at the sky with inexplicable tears. And how do you tell someone that you're so fucking happy and that all you're doing is emulating your hero. The rain.

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