Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's Good To Be The King

Soundtrack: Radiohead / Lucky

Being that I am not ALLOWED to blog about last night as it has been BAGSSED by another, pfft, I shall instead take this opportunity as my last to blog before FUCKING OFF TO FIJI FOR TEN DAYS.

(suffice to say last night involved the largest Veal Parmigiana EVER, the most disgusting Tequila ever served at any bar anywhere in the world, I dubbed it Methcal. Three skanky strippers and a table of both world famous rockstars and a glittering pack of people that sound kind of like a pasta. Yes, some bloggerati. Stupid fucking word that it is...)

So, let's move on shall we?

On Sunday Night myself and my travelling companion get all high falutin' and jetset of to WARM, SUNNY, FIJI. Considering that I'm currently typing in gloves and shooting icicle boogers out of my nose, you could say that I'm a little bit excited about it.


We will stay in a Villa like this:

We will sit and enjoy our mutual love of the written word, reading books here:

If our mutual gangbang fantasies arise, we have but to call...

If our mutual, let's just fuck somewhere beautiful as we look over an amazing view from on top of a mountain fantasy arises, I believe we could fuck here..

At night, if we choose, we can join the Captain's Table Style public dining area and make fascinating conversation with people from all walks of life here:

I dare say there will be bankers, world travellers, playboys, and two skanky as fuck, pasty white Melbourne Trashbags with a penchant for dirty sex. Which one are we?

Here is a random picture of food with no need for witty commentary.

If my companion does not wish to recreate the sex scene from From Here To Eternity with me in a situation like this:

I will simply evoke the Rape Fantasy Charter, Section 7Z.

And finally....

well, you never know your luck...

Enjoy monkeys. I will be thinking of you all.


Omar Sheriff BB



  1. i will miss you. even though i haven't seen you in 3 months. i will miss you EVEN MORE.

    you skanky as fuck, pasty white Melbourne Trashbag with a penchant for dirty sex, you.

  2. you have detachable nads?!?

    or a spare set?

    *books ticket forself next to BB and the little lady*

  3. You are my detachable Nads baby.

    Tony: That you can even urghle after last night is a good sign. Best strippers companion ever.

    Sugs: Oh alriiight.

    *does the worst happy dance ever*

    *with cock hanging out for comedic effect*

  4. You lucky ducks.


    Why did I not reply that the other day?! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

    In other news, have a ball, saucepots x

  5. What rockstars? What bloggerati?

  6. Don't forget to put SPF 35 on the important parts ;)

    Bon voyage!xo

  7. Welcome home.

    To two more months of winter!