Sunday, June 5, 2005


Soundtrack: Radiohead / Creep

My ex girlfirend and one time love of my life Shannon Lee and I had a very special relationship. It basically revolved around us having sex anywhere, anytime at the drop of a hat. She is without a doubt the only girl I have ever met who could even come close to keeping up with my bizarro-world fucked up overly volcanic need to fuck ALL THE TIME.

We met when she was 16 and I was 21. I was managing Bentleigh Nando's Chickenland dressed as a chicken and she was cooking burgers out the back in the kitchen. One afternoon I simply asked if she wouldn't mind if I got changed right there rather than having to walk around to the toilets. She didn't mind. I stripped out of the ridiculous fucking feather fest I was in and stood naked in front of her a pale skinny just-post-pubescent lad. She put her spatula down and pushed me against the wall as I stripped her down and we went into the cool room to fuck amongst the chicken carcasses. Romantic huh? Neither the chicken nor the egg came first, we both did at the same time.

She was still living at home at that point but being that it was with her mother and her two sisters and all of them were just as fucking crazy they never seemed to mind the two of us rutting all over the house all the time. It's strange to think about that time now, so fucking far away, but I remember vividly the first shower we had together and the way the water beaded all over her and her hair was slicked back and her beautiful fucking smile just killed me and I remember all I thought was...I'm naked in a shower with a gorgeous fucking girl......damn I want to fuck her. And I did. Heh.

Trains, parks, at her school, my house, her house, on a mountain, in a restaurant...I can't tell you, I can't fucking remember all the places, all the times we were busted but when you stare directly into someone like that everything else disappears. It's not so much exhibitionism as the pure fact that NOTHING else exists for that moment. It's hot. I dig it. Werd.

Eventually, the by now 18 year old girl had begun to realise that there was a shit load more to life than just constantly fucking me. Well, I'm not saying she was RIGHT. Bugger. But at 18 of course she began to slowly drift away and I began to go a little loco, my first love was on the line and of course I did as all stupid romantics do, wrote letters, sung songs, travelled for miles just to walk in a strange town and "accidentally" cross her path, what are you doing here?

There's a fine line between romance and being a fucking stalker.

I don't know why I'm writing about Shan, it's her birthday soon I guess and this year will be the first year since 1992 that I will not send her a card as she is overseas and I'm not exactly sure where. She came back into my life a few years ago after a seperation of about 6 or 7 years and when we looked at each other it was as though no time had passed at all.

I hope she googles herself.

In fact I have a photo somewhere of her doing just that.

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