Monday, August 15, 2005

The Flash

Soundtrack: The Juan Maclean: Shining Skinned Friend.

Last night I ran across the street naked in protest at the horrific result of Big Brother 2005.

People at the tram stop cheered. Cars honked. And I was almost propositioned by an old lady.

Thankfully, my "friends" had all gathered on the second floor of my house (yes, I live in a Miami style Cocaine Mansion...) and cheered me from my bedroom window.

You see, I say thankfully because I do not actually live in a Miami Style Cocaine Mansion. I live above a shop on very busy Sydney Rd and it has just occured to me 12 hours later, that they're exactly the sort of "friends" who if they had have been watching from downstairs, would've shut the fucking door behind me and left me naked on the street right next to a full tram stop.

They would have laughed.

I most likely would not.

Mondays are now officially Naked Dare Day. You're all invited.


  1. As long as you're doing nothing to disgrace yourselves. Carry on.