Sunday, September 4, 2005

Brian Told Me

Soundtrack: Son Volt / Let The Wind Take Your Troubles Away

I was four hours in to my nine hour Bar Fly session on Saturday when I was approached by a gentleman about 50 years of age. He introduced himself as Brian, and as I was in a jovial mood, I was happy to shoot the shit with him at the end of the bar.

Ten minutes later Brian was in tears as he relayed to me the story of his family, his coming out as a homosexual at the age of 48, his failed two marriages, his bad back etc etc...

Five minutes after that 50 year old Brian grabbed my face, proceeded to fail at sticking his tongue in my mouth and told me, "I want to fuck you so hard Boy..."

Five minutes after that Brain told me he was leaving to go to a place called Steamworks and then proceeded to show the International Sign for Headjobs.

Then I got very, very drunk.

End exciting Monday Blog Post.




  1. Oddly enough, I spoke to a male the other day who expressed interest in doing something similar to you. Hee!

    Sherriff = Heartthrob

  2. Ummm...yeah.

    Oh fuck I forget to mention one thing.


    I didn't meant to look Mummy, it just really...umm...stood out.

  3. Wait-- I think that guy might've been, subtly, hitting on you.

  4. I have had The Killers in my head since reading this post, except they're singing "Some Brian told me.. that you had a boyfriend..." etc

  5. "Brian told me, Brian told me, Brian told me something something with every thing you need to know, cos Brian told me so"

    Brian Naylor? Nine News? Anyone?