Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Friendship Troopers

Soundtrack: Billy Bragg & Wilco / Airplane to Heaven

The universe has a way of knowing when you are vulnerable. And I must say, it's not always a kind, gentle universe we live in. Sometimes it waits until you have nothing left, stripped bare of your protective layers before laying its fucking boots in. And when that happens, there is no respite, no relief, only a "fucking Hell...what the fuck else do you want to throw at me, throw me a fricken bone here!" attitude.

The thing is, it's at these moments, that you get a chance to show what you're made of. To show the universe that you're made of the good, strong stuff, and you laugh and pick yourself up and become twice the person you were.

And the universe, kind and caring after all, but motherfucking filled with tough love, lets go of you and smiles warmly, satisfied with a job well done.

There are people in this world who do not get to learn these lessons. There are people who aren't interested in Love or Peace or Happiness.

That's their fucking problem.

As an old friend of mine with a fucking annoying habit of impersonating Ali G always said to me...

Increase the peace.

Today, Love is all around.

Grab the fuck onto it wherever you can.





  1. *hands lower suggestively*

    *in a mating way*

    MATE's way...mate's way....

  2. *is glad sherriff has "still got it"*

    *his last comment on nadstown was worrying*

  3. T'was rather...

    *jerks off to over compensate*

    *realises am probably going too far*

    *but hey...too far is the new too cool*

  4. very very nice. Thinks i might take the universe to the pub for a beer (or a jug or 5) just to quieten it down, shut it up & say..."enuff alright?" no more. then we might have an understanding & it will, hopefully, be too apathetic to bother throwing anything else.
    right. blim