Sunday, September 18, 2005

Make word from pitcha coz brain is woolly. Fully.

I was the only person in the cafe at 6.30 Sunday Morning. I wasn't there to buy a latte, but I did.

This what I looked like on Sunday when I went into the pub next to my house to buy Pain Killing Alcohol. I didn't realise there were Actors in the pub. Of course they would notice my bottom. That is what actors do. Notice bottoms.

I won a Silver Medal. Second comes right after FIRST!

Someone spewed into a bucket full of pee in my bedroom yesterday. Here I have recreated that scene using a pumpkin and seeds. Createrrific.

I have felt like this since 7.00pm Saturday.

Please advise.


  1. you just need a big hug from a young girl who can't wait to see you.

    or in words your brain might comprehend today:

    me + you + hug + SOON!

  2. Shhh...just whispering today....

    hall-----way. teehee.

  3. Put your red satin sherrif dressing gown on.. Crank the heater up.. Feet on couch.. Yesterdays paper.. And call me.. And I will bring over some hearty home made soup for you..

    And a hug.