Thursday, October 6, 2005

And on a slightly more serious note

Today my sister drives 9 hours to South Australia to check herself into a 6 month rehabilitation program for heroin addicts. The strength she has displayed in facing her demons and choosing to fight them is beyond fucking inspirational, it completely breaks my fucking heart.

I've written about her before, her life and battles. She read it and laughed and said she didn't mind all you fuckers knowing these things about her, in fact she thought it helped her decide that she was going to force a change in her life.

There are things I need to fix in MY life. Finding the courage to do so is one of the hardest things any of us can do. Ignoring things is just so damn easy. Distractions are so damn easy.

And then there's my sis, who so many of her friends and the rest of our "family" completely wrote off as a lost cause...showing us all how it's motherfucking done.

Oh fuck.

I love you Pops.

I'll be waiting.

*cries, dies and loves*


  1. What a lion, I wish I was that brave sometimes.

    That really is inspiring hun.

  2. Families are close to home illustrations of what's available on either end of the familial gene pool: deep, shallow and every depth inbetween. All you can do is love them, right? No matter where they're at, because they love you, too, in that "we know where we come from" kind of way. Blood wins out.

    I hope your sister gets better, matty. She really deserves to be well.


  3. Changing aspects of ourselves is the hardest thing in the world to do. I hope your sis comes out stronger on the other side.

  4. mmm.. Pete Doherty...


  5. sherriff

    i am enjoying reading your blog. it is uplifting and honest and when there's a lot of bad stuff around and depressed people, it is nice to find that ray of sunshine.

    best to your sis.

  6. i didn't mean to say bad BLOGGING. i meant bad stuff in the world.

  7. i also didn't mean to sound like such a SUCK

    i'm so glad i am not being such a dick on the nut comment thread

    i can just hang here and explain myself away...


    I think...she's a bit hard to understand...not HARD...but...ah fuck it.

    *eats nuts again*

  9. i drive allergics to eat nuts

    woe is me

    at least someone heard me though

    are you ok?

    at least i got a reaction

    [takes away bowl of nuts from sherriff, replaces it with some red cordial]

    you thirsty?

  10. Always.

    *swaps cordial with shots of jagermeister*

    THAT'S better...

    Join me?

  11. [considers telling sherriff she has never heard of jagermeister, but decides not to]

    oh, it burns the tongue!
    oooh, fruity!
    um, can i have another?
    wow, it kicks
    nice melon high-notes there

    [hopes one of these was the correct response]