Sunday, October 23, 2005


Soundtrack: Wings / Live and Let Die

I was at a party.

Possibly one of the most enjoyable I have ever attended.

Best party band. Best party people.

And there were so many fucking dolled up, frocked out incredibly hot fucking girls there.

But none compared.

She's still the most beautiful girl-woman I have ever seen.

And when the sun came up and showed us east to find home, we passed out in the sunshine in the backyard, waking up to drink wine and take our tops off.

I feel like I am floating.

What the fuck is this dream?

It has been a long ride to get where we are now. Ups and downs, bumps and grinds. You know...stuff.

I feel strange, post-drugs and alcohol strange. But we're about to watch a storm come in over a different city. Storms and sticky heat to match our hearts. And rain to wash away bad memories.

Life is fucking crazy man. Let's rumble.


  1. she's a bright light mr b...x

  2. LOVE, Luv, love is a wonderful thing. Esp when topless wetness is involved, in the classiest of ways. Of course.

    wooo hoo!