Sunday, October 2, 2005

How Soon Is Now?

Soundtrack: Dolly Parton / Those were the days

I've been deep, deep in this fucking city for fifteen years. Raping it. Drinking it in, sucking it fucking dry of everything it has to offer. I have fucked its many mistresses, suckled at its entertainment teet, uh-oh-spaghetti-oh, have I trashed this damn town...

I am not ready to stop, but...

This morning I sat outside eating eggs on Brunswick St when by chance a group of men took the table next to me and proceeded to discuss rather loudly their business dealings. Business dealings which will create yet another direct competitor to my own business. I learnt a lot. I learnt not to have a business meeting out on the street as you never know who is sitting next to you.

Anyway, there they sat discussing their new (well...relaunched) magazine and I was listening and it was all:

"Man, it's gonna have sex and drugs and alcohol and yeah...that's what people's going to be EDGY MOTHERFUCKER!"

And I sipped my coffee and I lit a cigarette and my thoughts drifted to last week to when I sat in a tiny little pub in the bush and having left the lights on in my car, the owner of the pub gave me the keys to his van to drive around. Or the other pub in town where I left a packet of cigarettes after eating there, and there were only 7 cigarettes in the pack, and I didn't return to that pub for two weeks, but when I did the bartender handed me the packet of smokes, having kept them safe, knowing I'd come back.

And I've done the drugs and the fucking and the alcohol and the motherfucking edgy. I've done it HARD. And to be honest, I'll do it again, but something is starting to fade and the lure of that Honest Approach to life is getting stronger.

Fuck edgy. Edgy can suck my motherfucking cock.


  1. My friend and I write some interesting stories while we're sober that people think should be in magazines somewhere. They don't make any f***ing sense, but they are a joy to read.

    Love the colorful language about where you live. I can see you truly love that place.

  2. I'd like to read 'em sometime. My mag is chock full of fucked up stories that make no sense...

  3. Possibly more than most.

    Or are you calling me one?

  4. I was questioning the comment you made? I thought you were calling me one... I allready know you fuck more than most..

  5. where's your magazine? how do I find a copy? i'm in the neighbourhood and interested.

  6. They're in all sorts o' shops around town. Record stores, clothing shops, cafes and shizzle.

    Might not be many on the street right now as the next one is due out soon.

    Email if you really want one and I'll post it to you.