Monday, October 24, 2005

Joy Division

Soundtrack: Bruce Sprinsteen / Born to Run

Woah. Tuesdays after a big weekend are aptly named. It's not like today there is anything particularly SADNESS or anything, but two days of digesting and detoxifying drugs and alcohol in your body just give you this feeling of...tightness inside. Spring loaded, tightly wound, frown frown frown...le brain petit gets a little loco and it ALL makes sense that darkness...yargh.

All those things I can find inside and write on this page about LIFE (happy!) LOVE (BOINK!) and the wandering spirits we are...well, shuttup your face when your skin is sensitive and melty and your brain feels like a prune, all dried and wrinkly and good for your bum.

Luckily, there is beer and company and dinner at a place that serves crocodile and camel and wasabi ice-cream to look forward to.

The days are made more beautiful as always dinner lies in wait. And like courting and fucking, the anticipation lasts and lasts...

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  1. Its generally called Suicide Teusday...but maybe just maybe, you found goodness to associate with it.