Thursday, October 20, 2005

There are some things that nothing can prepare you for. Shit that don't come with an instruction manual. Experiences that you will have but once in your life that make you realise how deep, and sad and fleeting and beautiful and fucking random life is.

These things shape us, make us, BRAND us.

Pain is such a personal thing. You may have a hand to sqeeze, a shoulder to cry on, a rubber squeaky bone to stick between your clenched clenched CLENCHED fucking teeth, but in the end there is only you, your heart and the pain.

But pain means you're alive. Means you're ONE OF US.

Pain brings understanding of the world in all its unmerciful fucking glory and handled the right way, it brings strength and growth and instead of turning you to stone, it can open your heart to the endless possibilities of Life.

My friend is in pain, therefore so am I.

My friend is in pain but rather than sympathy, my friend will feed on strength and love and a smile which shows A WAY OUT.

My friend is the bravest, strongest, most wonderful person I know.

You are not alone. Us orphans gots to stick together.

Forever. I will be with you forever.

I love you.


  1. Eloquence thy name is Sherriff.


  2. Good ones-- meaning good people-- are hard to find, matty.

    I'm sure that the comfort you offer is the kind of comfort they need; flowers love the sun.

  3. this makes me feel so sad. i think i know... who... it is. but really, it is us all. everyone.

  4. And I love everyone.

    And I love you.