Monday, October 10, 2005


Jello Biafra and The Melvins / The Lighter Side of Global Terroism

For absolutely no reason at all, today I feel like getting the fuck out of the city and watching the world destroy itself below. Like RED DAWN! Sigh. I always wanted to be in Red Dawn. Apart from the whole WAR thing, and you know, like, everybody dies and shit...except two of them, one of them is the nerdy one, how come the fuck the nerdy ones always survive, something about the meek maybe? But anyway C. Thomas Howell (ME THAT'S ME ME ME ME) dies a courageous death, and Patrick Swayze is all fuck yeah baby I'm the older brother but even in war I'm all like conflicted by emotions and ANYWAY I'm still a teenager who just wants to make out and shit..


FUCK YEAH! What a movie. I really need to see it again.


I don't really want the end of the world. I want calm blue oceans and a nice farm and bouncing babies and friends and family all around and an endless supply of the World's Greatest Food. Nothing major.

But if the world is going to end, I'm getting all Red Dawn baby.

I guess it started...

Yesterday as I sat drinking in the sun. I pondered the meaning of life and the world around us and I thought of the earthquake in Pakistan, now like 30,000 dead or something ridiculous like that and I could see the future and it was extremists blaming the government for the earthquake, naming it divine retribution and building to a crescendo of violence in the name of their GOD.

And meanwhile in the "Land of Freedom" an old drunk was beaten to death by The Law, that itchy trigger happy Law that fled the scene of destruction their pants soiled by fear as Nature swaggered into the Big Easy and washed away their sins...or actually...EXPOSED their motherfucking sins.

And all Hell broke loose.

And all Hell IS breaking loose.

And fucktard Pat Robertson thinks it MAY be the end of the world, and even a man who supposedly has that much FAITH in the fucking lord has to hedge his bets with his TV audience by saying it "may" be the end of the world.



So yeah, now I'm thinking I'm a' gonna load up on supplies (SUPPLIES!) hit the road, get to the cabin, load the shotgun, find a vantage point and watch the world destroy itself and burn baby burn below*

Fuck it.

New Years Eve sounds as good a time as any.

Let's start a war.

*Fiddling optional.

Also...I think i'm still on steroids...can you tell?

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  1. There are few people that are actually affraid, And that minority are very much afraid of the future. The masses don't want to be disturbed.

    They won't let themselves be disturbed.

    They blind themselves with otherpeoples lives or crap on television.

    I admire you Matty, You are a rebel. Whether you are wealthy or poor you will be an emperor, because you have broken the chains of societys repressive conditioning fucking oppionions! Not because you are fighting against anybody or anything, But because you have discovered your own true nature.. And you are determined to live in accordance with it!!!!

    Bless you XX