Thursday, December 15, 2005

Politics makes my spelling and grammar bad. It's called passion.

Soundtrack: Louis XIV / Pledge of Allegiance

Yeah yeah, so I'm with y'all with the anger and the shame and the rah rah. But I gots a couple of sticking points that I need to rah-rah-release. For posterity, you know? I'd like my kid Bird* to read this blog and I'd like them to know that I was always honest and that expressing yourself is a good thing, no matter what.

*Bird is fictional,ok?

The thing is with all of us righteous brothers throwing up our arms in disgust and blogging well thought out arguments and well meaning parody is that...well, I still can't help but think that we are being incredibly AUSTRALIAN about the whole thing. And by Australian I mean...apathethic.

*raises gloves*

This germ started to ferment within my brain yesterday when I kept reading articles and forum threads about how everyone is ASHAMED to be Australian and how this country isn't WHAT IT USED TO BE and similar bullshit. Well, yar...we're right, it's not what it used to be...thing is, we're not fucking children anymore and these halcyon days that everyone keeps refering to were years ago when we had absolutely no fucking control over our country. It's nice to remember Gough and Bob and Paul, but really, they were just figures of authority to us when we were too young to actually make a difference.

That funny man drunk the beer and made public holiday! LABOR RULES!


What these meathead fucks have started is disgusting and deplorable and I really can't see it just fading away and being remembered as "that weekend the skegs went nuts"...I see it as a real catalyst for some bad shit to start happening...unless.


We start doing more than just surfing the net for information about it to use on our blogs or for dinner party conversation, and start actually FORCING some motherfucking change somewhere it counts.

I will be attending the Anti Race Riot Protest tomorrow, but sadly, like the Anti War Protest and the IR Reform Protest, I really have no fucking faith in the voice of the people anymore. Not when we have elected a government that has control over both houses and the power to fucking inflict upon us any thing they fucking well feel like.


There is really only a long term solution as far as I can see, and that is to create over the next two and a half years, some sort of viable opposition to the current government. Labor are fucked, they speak with the fucking aggression of a newly born kitten and have as much air time on TV as The Motherfucking Sopranos. Grrr.

We need to force change in the Labor Party and we need to do it sooner rather than later. We need to remind Australia that a social conscience is more important than a budget surplus, a happy boss or a stinking cricket game. We need to write to these cunts, FORCE them into action, force them to depose the meek sack of poofy potatoes that currently masquerades as an alternative Prime Minister and force them to show Australia that what we need now more than anything is not a set of rules that erodes at our civil liberties, that sparks mistrust between minority groups and inflames the religious sensibilites of every single fucking person, but LEADERSHIP. We need leadership. We need someone who bashes their fist on the lecturn, who has the conviction to speak their mind, the mental capacity to back it up and the courage to face us. To face ME. I want to follow a leader, I want to follow a leader who stands up for themselves, who doesn't play politics.

Difficult, nigh on impossible to find. I understand this. But the way it stands, we're facing at least another six years of this shit and that I cannot stand for.

I am not ashamed to be Australian, I love where I live, I love the people, the pubs (hehe)...the collective intelligence and passion of everyone I come into contact with. But to be honest, I can see why the "average" fuck hasn't voted for Labor these past few elections. Because Labor does not fucking EXIST. The opposition does not fucking EXIST.

Well, there's only one way to change that.


  1. Fuck yeah. Although I wonder whether there is any hope left for the ALP.

    What's really scary about politics in this country now is that you just need to scratch the surface for shit like last Sunday to pop up.

    What's kinda scarier is that there's a whole lot of justifiable rage about stuff like the sedition, anti terrorist and welfare reform laws and (with the exception of the IR campaign) there is absolutely nowhere for that rage to be expressed in mainstream politics.

  2. I could not agree more with the sherriff. The problem is, that although my circle of friends are proudly and passionately political, the generation just below us are equally, fiercely apathetic. Having now lived in this country through two elections, and heard first time voters tell me, 'Oh I just vote the way my parents do, and they are worried about taxes, and you can't trust labor'. It saddens me that they wont go out and make an informed choice. Unfortunately, Australia is a very conservative country, with a high regard for NIMBYism, throw in a government suc as the one we have, and events like cronulla will only be the tip of the iceberg.
    *goes for a beer with Keir Hardie to discuss real Labour politics*

  3. Totally hon, totally. Lead the way young Sheriff - your band of motley minions will follow.

    If you've got a clue on what we can actually *do* then go for it!!


  4. I think the problem is that this is what Australia used to be. Only it was "ok" to have a White Australia policy back then.

    I'm not ashamed to be Australian but I am deeply disgusted and embarrassed by our government and the xenophobia, small mindednes and self interest of the dumb fucks that voted for it.

    You're right sherriff, currently Federal Labor is not an opposition party and we need to do something about it. Change comes from the inside.

    I joined the ALP. I am becoming active in the party. By doing this, I am making my voice heard and helping shape the future of the Labor party.

    See you at the Anti Race Riot Protest*.

    *not that I have any idea what you look like but you know what I mean.

  5. grrrrrrfightthepowersCUNTSalriiightseeyoutherethen.

    i mean this in a friendly nonviolent send a strong message kind of way....

  6. hmmm. interesting post. The apathy of Australia has always irritated me, it is not just the way in which people don't demonstrate, lots of people even feel afraid to express their politics or their disenchantment with isms because everyone's like 'relax, chill, don't be uncool' and i get the feeling, as Dangerous Dave says, that politics isn't that cool with Gen Y, which is ridiculous considering the music they listen to and the rights they have etc...
    re the Labour Party: I have never been a joiner and never affiliated with any party or political group...but now maybe it's's hard because there is no strong opposition, and Aussies are like a herd of sheep, they seem to have this thing about 'strong leadership' like a bunch of pussies...they will pick a 'strong leader' even if he's an absolute maniac over a 'weaker leader' with sensible ideas anyday. At the time I fought against Keating (East Timor etc.) now in retrospect he looks like Malcolm X.
    *sigh* I don't know.
    I'll be there at 5 though.

  7. And I will be there to tell you that I love you and thank you for caring enough to inspire some change and then I will fight beside you without my fists and try to incite some passion into those that are less interested in their futures.

    I will do it Sheriff. I will do it for us.

  8. My brain is storming, Sherriff Lucky. Brilliant suggestions for action will emerge from this thundery tempest circa Monday.

    For a long time I've supported the Greens (and still do), thinking in terms of a moderating force. But you're right - changing the Labor Party is a more important project.

  9. "Courage is a shit thing if you've got a tiny cock..."

    Hahahaha just noticed that's been added - Mama likey x