Monday, May 22, 2006

Quick life bulletpoints

*You can't hide who you are. Bury it and it just explodes. Not in a jizz way.

*Karma is a real concept. What you put out into the universe you will receive back. [karma has no particular time frame, sometimes karma is served cold]

*On the exact day that you lose one friend, life will always hand you another, making sure that everyone has always one friend. That's nice of life isn't it?

*Speed makes people who are already crazy, into like, really crazy people.

*Trying to prove you are strong, generally just means you're not. Years ago I read Sun Tzu, and yet I haven't been following his wisdom. Sometimes I put myself in a scenario which will only sap my strength and make me crumble, just to prove to myself that I can handle anything. Which of course, I cannot. Sun Tzu would have counselled, walk away, and build your strength, save it, for the days when you really need it. I think I'm going to the bookstore now to find another copy of his book. Before I was rock n' roll, I was a student of Asian History, and I tell you what, I was a lot happier and a lot more peaceful.

*It hurts.


  1. *There is no need to hide who you are.

    *Red, Gold and Green.

    *Friends don't get lost, they can be found.

    *Wipe off five.

    *The Art Of War is a dangerous book, with many lessons in it.

    *Yes it does.

  2. * i think you can. wigs and dark glasses are handy. you don't want to show just anyone your 'Kiss unmasked' face, save it for special.

    * not sure about the existence of karma. think it's about understanding human law, and how it controls you. it convinces you to feel good when you comply.

    * no. it's a random process.


    * while you're at the bookstore, see if Antoine de Saint-Exupery's Little Prince, or better, Night Flight is there.

  3. not in a jizz way... cmon. we love the jizz way...