Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just call me Angel

How to do this without getting killed?


I wasn't playing Cleudo last night when Colonel Mustard walked in, his normally jovial demeanour drained from his Lily White face. I polished the glass in front of me, for it seemed the right time for such cliches.

And the tale began, his Mustard tale, and he told it to me for he knew that I knew some of the sorts of people that he knew...

How to do this without getting killed?


How to do this without breaking a man's trust.

I write it and call it:

A man with a gun.

[or actually, more like five thousand guns]

A man I know is on the run
he's on the run from
a man with a gun
and he hid and he
at another man's place
and that man well...

he was ignorant of the man with the gun.


A man I know is on the run
he's on the run because
he owes someone
and that someone well
he has a gun

so the man I know
with nowhere to go
and no fucking gun
and no place to run
and needing someone
knocked on the door
of my friend
(from before)
and said,

hey! just moving house do you mind if I crash here for a week or so?

and my friend from before
well of course
he opened his door
and not one week more
(had passed when)
he was held on the floor
by a cold fucking gun
and a man who had come
for a guy on the run
who had left the night before

doesn't sound like much fun.

Enough of a story already...

but my friend who was
held by the man with the gun
is himself not just
your average someone
and happens to belong
to a gang from a song
who I'm sure you can tell
wear the cold beards of Hell.

and this man says, he says to me:

I'm fucking glad I know you.
Because it's people like you who make me think twice before I do anything stupid.

And at the end of the poem
We hug,
and I say:

keep a cool fucking head my brother and
leave the gunning and the running
to those who chose to die by the sword.

Me, I choose to live by the word.


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  3. be careful. i'm scared for you.