Monday, June 19, 2006


It's a simple construct isn't it?

And I, Pacifist, not Spartacus, with such zeal and passion for a peaceful earth. I, Pacifist, who himself has hated and raged and boiled blood down spider web veins, snaring not living prey but more pain and troublesome chaos, I dared wish for peace when I could not find a forgiving bone in my body.

But I did, didn't I? I did grow, and I did forgive and I do like a surprise, or more to the point, I do like to surprise you all.


Peace first came with a simple sentence and the wall coming down.

Peace first came when I lay down my weapons and everyone did the same.


The sun was quite impatient to join the fray, I could feel the earth move faster all night as the sun spun half heartedly across the northern hemisphere and back to the forest, the valley.

Did it feel disappointed with what it found? When all that remained were two Goats, dishevelled and bacchaniacal, howling primitive songs in ancient modes to the ghosts of the night just passed?

If it was, it said nothing, just slowed its pace and enjoyed the rest of the day.

As did we.


I don't have a point. You want a point? Hmmm.

The point is, History doesn't repeat, we do. And that becomes history.

But if I'm looking for the world to change then fuck the powers that be, I'm going to start to change it right here.

That's where you should too.

How fucking cool you all can be.

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  1. if you ever needed a long hug...

    peace to the brother...