Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The answer my friend...

How's the newfound optimism treating you? My phone asks.

I'm grinning a lot, I reply, it feels nice. And it does.

So I start my day with coffee and a tart, always a good thing. And I just sit, well occassionally I stare but I try to make it subtle can't help it jesus fucking christ where did THAT come from.

Stomach skips and zesty lemon and a breeze that's warmer than it's been for months.

That's what I call optimism.


Deep in the forest the little Goat wakes up and blinking the sunlight softer in his eyes gets the smell of a green pasture not so far away. So up and prance, dance and skip, trot and gallop, hoof and hair, here we go. Goodbye forest, goodbye cave (oh god so good), goodbye shadows and light, and the fingers of God reaching from the sky to caress his snout. He wants the whole fucking hand now. The face, the beautiful gift of a wide open sky.

The forest will always remain, and it's a special place, frightening in its beauty, and the Goat travels there now only in his mind. Secretly, when no-one can hear his thoughts or read it in his eyes. It's a secret forest ok? Ssshhh.

But as soon as the trees become scarce and it's grass underneath not twig and root, he gets it.

Run Goaty, run run run run run.

And every other animal in the land sees his aura and laughs along with him.


Ain't nothing so good as the wind in your hair.


Outside the clouds just came but I feel too safe now.

And walking the streets of a suburb that knows your name is a gentle kind of good. Honkers and shakers and the smell of breadmakers.

And an appointment on the morrow of a long overdue tattoo.

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  1. you are officially invited to the pony and horse party

    friday night
    old colonial wild den on brunswick st