Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Meanwhile in Purgatory...

It's so still I can't bear it. Nothing moves, nothing makes a sound. There is just an endless NOW.

Last night I stood at the airport in a dress holding a heart shaped cushion and watched a reunion of my two dear friends. And all around me there were people coming home. And everyone had someone waiting for them. And all I had was a dress and a cushion and a fuzzy babooshka hat.

I dropped my friends home and found companionship with a trapeze artist in a suburban strip club. And we drank absinthe and I tried to let it all go and hey there all of a sudden a bum in my face choke splutter cough laugh.

And I got home, and I was no longer carrying my cushion. And the cat was there waiting for me.

This now stretches on forever.


Woah dude I was all like in a dress at the airport and it was PACKED like never before and everyone thought I was CRAZY yo. Killer. Picked up the man and then I was all like fuck yeah, strippers! and there were Hell's Angel's there and boobies and we laughed and went crazy and a girl I work with wanted me to have sex with her and her boyfriend and I just laughed, this lothario laughed, and I got to use my new saying, menage a home and passed out with the cat on my head. Bitchin.


I don't have anyone to talk to at the moment. I am so many different things to different people I get lost trying to keep up with myself.

I'm going driving.
I need the beach.
Want to come?


  1. I'm a Pisces. I miss the water.

    Count me in for ocean drives.


  2. Im going to the island tonight (fri). Fresh air to clear the head of all the stuff going on. I think im gonna drink a lot. & then a bit more. But in a hearty cheerful salute to the stars. Youre welcome to help xd

  3. oooh blimba...there's a destination...falling down cliffs and scaring young people away from their bonfires...hmmmmm....sweet sweet memories.

  4. * holds hands up* really! nothing to do with it- I repeat not me, nosireeeee *backs away slowly* if your drive takes u that way u know where to go. :D