Monday, July 17, 2006

Saddle Up

Soundtrack: Primal Scream / Country Girl

Peaks and troughs, peaks and troughs, high road, low
Ha, it's good to be alive again. Thank fuck for that.


Act 1

Oh man there, just next to me. And people are talking but all I can hear is those eyes. And it don't matter how fucking long or how far the distance has become. It's always home. And I melt and form a puddle underneath the table and trickle slowly out the door and back into the gutter.



Act 2

The bender ends on a suitable note. B flat. He sure fucking is. It had the necessary ingredients, and lit up the torches that lay upon the mountains. Sending signals to all around. BENDER COME. And I, robot, went through the motions, all fuck you and fuck me until the despair enveloped me like a warm, familiar bathtub. And glub, glub, I slowly...sank...into it.

And now I feel better. I think I'll buy some new pants.



Act 3

I saddle up. Pull the straps tight around the future/horse's waist. I've done this before, I know how to schwing onto this baby with the confidence of an old stable hand. A carved piece of country wood I am, whitled by experience, except without the sharp point. Or any point to be honest. Does there need to be a point?


Kicking in we start the ride, over the fences, through the grass, into the treeline and up the slope. Underneath me, raw living breathing heat and animal sweat. And respect. A horse and its rider, not master. A horse with a name, though I know it not. Yet.

For now, I christian thee...



  1. this makes me love you matty, though, you know i do already... and GOD lookit all the pretty horses... and all the love i could feel in my heart... so much, mister, let me tell you...

    B FLAT

    for all the beer i could pour down my throat...

    but more for all the people i could hit off with... sparky... you top some list of those...

    but love...

    sparks and wood makes fire...

    burn it up and keep us warm...

    and make sure there is room by it for those of us who wonder and watch and love with you...
    i'm glad you're out here...