Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If you don't know how to do it...

If the universe is energy and we are all made of mass and energy equals mass in relation to the speed of light in a vacuum, then I really should get my light fixed in my room. And give it a bit of a vaccum. But on a day like today, when I have a sitting seat under a tree on my front porch, I let Einstein clean my room and I put my energy into other matters.


I kind of feel I went Walkabout. Walkabout is a native Australian term. It means...well, I need to research it more, because I don't feel I know enough about its spiritual significance. But I know that the person goes walking, about. And they look for things. Inside themselves. And then they come back. Maybe some don't come back, I don't know. Maybe people go walkabout and sneak behind a boulder somewhere and smoke ciggies and don't actually walk about, and months later they walk back from behind the boulder, maybe when they've run out of ciggies, and they're all like, WOW...AMAZING. And maybe people believe them, that they walked about. But they missed the whole fucking point, because there's no badge to sew on your jacket or trophy to claim or sponsorship deal to snaffle if you complete walkabout. You just do it. Then you come back. But I need to know more about it. Even though I kind of feel I went walkabout.


Apparently today I have a spirit watching over me. It has another hour and fifteen minutes before the piece of paper I'm holding says it will leave. I've been testing it out. Like, closing my eyes and crossing the street. It worked. It channelled the power of the HONK to warn me that I was being a dickhead and that I should open my fucking eyes when I'm crossing the road. IT'S A GENIUS. I hope it left the room last night before I went to sleep, and um, when I woke up at 6am, and um, when I woke up at 7.30...and umm...no, that was it. I'll wait until it's gone next time. But apparently this is healthy, and I don't really mind if the spirit is watching. I've done shit like that before. And besides, I know what my spirit looks like. I wish it would stay longer.


Last night I ate at a restaurant, even though I knew the chef there had completely stolen the menu from another of my favourite restaurants. But this new restaurant was closer so I chose convenience over morality, or loyalty. Is that wrong? My dining companion and I began to debate this. Until the duck arrived. Then we forgot what we were caring about. I still feel it's a little wrong. But fuck it was good.


When I got back from walkabout I noticed there had been built a gigantic wall. Kind of like the Hedge in Over The Hedge. But bigger. And concretey-er. I thought I knew that I wanted to get to the other side of the wall. I even heard my name being called, softly, from within. So I did that deep-thought-rubbing of my unshaven chin thing. Hmmmm. And thought, maybe it could be taken down by determination. Or ferocity. Or a team of squirrel engineers all wearing little squirrel hard hats.

But instead, I sit with my back to the wall, and look back over walkabout country. It makes me smile, remembering that valley, that peak, that desert, the journey, just the journey and while I'm looking the wall behind me makes a good back rest. So I don't mind that it's there. So for now, I'm just going to sit and enjoy the view. And the thought of squirrels wearing hats.

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  1. Going walkabout has nothing to do with wandering aimlessly but is the practise of following songlines (the paths the creation ancestors travelled when they created Australia) as part of ceremony, men walk in a line, singing the song cycles as they walk, teaching the younger men and boys about the creation of landscape features.
    Women do it too, although little is written about this...prob because there were so few female anthropologists or it's too secret-sacred to be revealed to the uninitiated.
    Ceremony time is coming up...is from about Dec-Feb...perhaps you feel this. This is why Aboriginal communities are closed to outsiders during this time...we aren't allowed to see the people painted up in ancient sacred designs for ceremony.
    These days though most people drive, losing a lot of the impact of the walkabout, the actual walking process. You miss stuff when you drive, but these are some serious distances in some serious heat.
    There are songlines covering the whole of this country, even from Melbourne to the top end.
    Bruce Chatwin's book The Songlines ain't a bad place to start. Quite a good read too.