Thursday, November 16, 2006

Freak scene just can't believe us, why can't it just be cool and free us.

On my left wrist I wear a Secret Squirrel terry towelling sweat band. It holds all my secret desires, dreams and fire. It holds the past and the future and the now. I use it to keep myself calm. I use it in a weird sort of superstitious ritual every morning, and without fail, every time I slip it over my wrist, something happens around me. Outside of me.

Not bad for a piece of terry towelling with a picture of a squirrel on it.


I open the curtains and look out over the city. The sunlight wraps me in its arms and gently kisses my nose. I hang out the half open window, smoking a cigarette and looking down on the worker drones below. But it's me, The B, who's buzzing.


I wanted to give this post a double ending, but I can't think of one.

Breakfast time.

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