Monday, November 27, 2006


Idea for Reality TV Show: First World Eye for the Third World Guy.

A group of Savvy Middle Classers go to Ethiopia and make Fashion, Food and Interior Design judgements on poor, starving families in Ethiopia or somewhere interesting like that. Possibly Africa instead. Do we have any countries over there? Memo: Ask Brad and Angelina if they know of anwhere starving, but not too starving.

Random encounters with local celebrities? This brings a local flavour. "Oh my god...aren't are!....look darling, it's the child from those cute little World Vision Ads!" Etc.

Spin off possibilities:
Fred Hollows Eye for the Third World Blind Guy.
(DVD / Audio Book / Are there any good looking Ethiopians we can put in a leotard?)


I remember gliding across the still water, countless stars above, the only sound the soft growling of the outboard. Dancing, skimming, sleak and sharp across the lake toward the music, our beacon. I remember the first smiles of people never met, the firm handshakes, the welcome party, the cold beer, the laughter, the games, the innocence of friends, the food, the bed I slept in and waking up to dive into the fresh, vivid water. Here in the ruins-to-be, things seem a lot more intense, there is pressure. There are issues to address and complications to avoid. But out there, only a few hours drive, there is naught but serenity and each individual day.

Get me the fuck there now please.


I went to the zoo. I spent the day with my sister and her girlfriend and two little eleven years olds who decided I was the coolest thing ever to climb and kick. They called me Pack Horse and made me carry their bags. They asked what my T-Shirt meant, it said The Town Bikes. I told them it was a hardcore Bikie gang and if they didn't behave I'd have them killed. They asked, well, what's with the happy looking sausage on the T-Shirt then? Doesn't look too tough...I pointed them toward the Lions being fed and glared. I didn't look scary at all.

I wanted to talk about Meerkats, and how cute and cool they are and how Meerkat Manor the TV show must have really raised their profile. But after googling for a picture and coming up with this:

I don't think I ever want to see another Meerkat in my life.



    You're one of them now.