Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Sitting on the dock of the gay.

I'm going here in 5 minutes.

As well as being a tiny town in the middle of nowhere on a deserted beach, it's quite obviously the home of some seriously leading edge web designers. MOUSEPADARIFIC!

I was all looking for some cool car shot, dust trailing behind, surfboards on the roof.

I was all like, yeah baby. Sheee-it.

But when I googled, most mornings I do and lately it's been getting filthier than normal, I got these pictures to represent my next three maybe four maybe fuck it why not stay for ten days away.


I'm not really sure what carstuckgirls is all about. But this girl looks neither stuck to a car, or tucked in by one.

Unless of course, the "t" is a typo, in which case I'm quite excited to know more. From a scientific point of view.

Enjoy the hustle and the bustle, I'm off to cook myself pancakes tonight and then surprise a big gingery pub owner with a Lamb Roast when he arrives tomorrow. Then I dare say, we'll get rip roaring drunk and possibly pash. For the second time.

Anyone who wants to call me up and have hot dirty phone sex, feel free.


  1. For the second time? I heard you move faster than that. When you find out, exactly, what those dirty cars are up to you should expose them and their helpers. That'll teach 'em. woot woot.

    have fun, sunshine!

  2. Car Stuck Girls, who would've thought?

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