Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'm not entirely sure, however, that they're all free.

After getting all angry at the world yesterday, it was nice to drink Gin and Tonics and eat Sushi. So today I figured I'd take a look at the good things in life. Originally I had an idea of an all time Top 5 Best Things Ever, but 5 just wasn't enough, so I'm just going to write some things until I get bored of this weird, keyboard on the floor thing I've got going on at the moment.

First, let's put on some...........Crosby, Stills and Nash.



1/ I don't want to always harp on about it, but really, there is no better feeling than a roadtrip to the country. I love the road house toasted sandwiches, the smoking out the window, mix tapes, the mess of drinks and lollies and newspapers in the front seat, a hot leg to rub beside you, a...shit have to concentrate moment as they "rest" their head on your lap as you drive, the smell of paddocks when the city disappears and the forest starts to spread around you and the road opens up and the towns are little and cute and every shop looks interesting and who cares about a destination because you're already there, in the car, pointing straight ahead toward wherever. Sigh.

2/ FOOD. But okay, if I have to specify something about this bliss of all blisses (blissi?) then how about, when you're starving, and you've ordered and you're sitting down and here comes the waitress, that looks like ours, oh my god it IS ours, hey is that drool that's gross, and it gets placed in front of you and you've never eaten here before and that...first...bite...oh....GOD YES.

3/ I like being about ten pages into a book, and realising I am really going to love this book. When you have to actually put it down for five seconds, breathe, rub the cover, reread the blurb if you must, smell the pages, give a little giggle, before having another sip of you drink and diving straight back in. Goodbye real world.

[this isn't one of those me me things is it? THEY'RE NOT ON THE LIST. Oksorrybye]

4/ Being in the airport, holding your hand luggage, browsing magazines, buying shit airport coffee, trying to find one good looking person to eye flirt with on the same flight, breathing in that airport smell, loving the fact that no matter how many times you've done this, it will always feel as exciting.

5/ I can't get to number 5 and not mention sex. But if I had to pick right now, I'd say my favourite is waking up in the morning next to someone you love and having languid, lazy, hangover sex. Hair of the dog that bit you, you might say.

6/ I love unplanned, organic party days. Sitting in the sun having a beer with a good friend when another calls and joins you. And then another, and another and before you know it a whole group of great people are sitting around a table ordering jugs of beer and laughing and reminiscing and you look around the table and realise how lucky you are, and how much you love your friends...and how all of a sudden, you're actually quite fucking pissed. And it's good.

7/ Listening to a life changing album, for the first time. I remember, back in our magazine days, the day that Universal first sent us a copy of QOTSA's Songs for the Deaf. It was George, and I think Davey, and I, sitting in a tiny back office, drinking beer. We put it on, cranked it, and not one of us spoke for 90 minutes. Every now and again, we'd look at each other, grinning wildly and shaking our head at this fucking SOUND that was destroying us, leaving us breathless and dripping in adrenalin induced awe. I remember a lot of albums like that, but that day will always stick in my head. What a fucking band.

8/ Seeing someone you've missed, after an extended period of time. That embrace, that first giddy smile, picking them up and spinning them around, or patting them on the back, having so much to say you can barely speak fast enough, but at the same time, being content just being beside them.

9/ Starting a blog post about the best things in life, and realising that you could go on forever, and then realising that this means you're in a good mood, and that life is okay and deciding to stop blogging because you need to work out how to get to Bangkok by the end of January because your cousin just gave you a Business Class ticket from Bangkok to London which expires January 31st. And wondering if Kate Moss flies Business Class or if the Stewardesses would want to have dirty airline sex with a skinny Melbourne Man /Boy.

Tell me your favourite things, and let's make with the happy.


  1. that QOTSA day was one of the great days, if i recall i think we just kept playing it over and over again, no work got done that day.

    Screwdriver day is reminiscent of unplanned organic party days. Which i also think became power ballad day.

    When you go to the beach, and are just that little bit wary of jumping in the ocean cos it might be a tad baltic, but you hurl yourself into the spray anyway and it feels great.

    The roar of an open fire that you made yourself.

    Crosby, Stills and Nash, specifically Suite Judy Blue Eyes when the de de de doohs burst out of the speakers.


    Th sun on the back of your neck as you swill the first cold beer of a long day.

    Well done sherriff, you made me happy as well.

  2. my eyes unfocused & squinted slightly in warm summer memories.Makes me smile.

  3. That first smell of the sea when your heading (on a road trip!) beachward. Windows wound down, wind blowing through your hair. Summer mix blaring. Excitement, anticipation, pure pleasure.

    A cold winter day in a remote cottage. No phone, no tv. Nothing to do all day but read, drink red wine, take a brisk (short) walk, make love in front of a fire.

  4. waking up in a tent at a festival after its been raining solidly for the first 2 days, you feel surprisingly ok and you think; is that sunshine making that glow, and you open the tent door and your mates are sporting shorts and no t-shirt and jumping about like kids in the morning blue sky sun. And one spots you and comes over and says; 'fancy a line?'
    and the blonde beside you that you only just noticed but thought was a dream says,
    'Yea come in, I've got some too'
    and you know a beautiful day is just beginning.

  5. Hot coffee. Cold morning walks-- preferably over a bridge but near any body of water will do. Outdoor markets. Soft warm scarves. Blazing hot soups. Old books. New shoes. Sharing bites of something.

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.

    You know.
    The usual.

    I don't know if Kate Moss flies business class from Bangkok, but I'm pretty sure that Jordan does.

  6. It was nice wasn't it.

  7. Your first 4, a roadtrip to nowhere, food, airports and a book which tells you that it's going to be great in the first then pages. Plus, good wine, cozy winter nights, swimming in late summer when the sky starts turning cool and sharp, being in a totally unknown city all by yourself, stories of all kinds and pretty girls.

  8. organic party days. oh yes. when you get up in the morning and it's sunny and there's nothing to do and you cruise round with your friends, go visiting then end up in the park and everyone comes has to be my fave thing ever.
    that and improvising on the piano; it's the same feeling. effortless and amazing.