Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And if you turn back, just to fuck me up, I'll cut you loose and watch you fall.

Every time I try and write about it, I stop myself. I think, maybe it's a cautious thing, making sure no one gets fucked over. But I'm starting to think, it's more a reflection of myself. I don't want to be that fucked up that I have to write it all down. I don't want to even feel this way, and if I write it all down, I'm admitting that I do. It's hard to explain. But on this day, if I wasn't about to go to an interview for an amazing fucking job, I might just find myself getting it all out.

So, silent ones, what do you think? What do you think about writing personal shit on the internet? Vibe, or no vibe?

I'm asking the audience, because I'm fifty / fifty, and all my friends work during the day, so I can't call them.

I'd like to know.

Hope you're enjoying the sun.


  1. Write it.

    Good luck with the interview.

  2. better out than in, but wether to put it in such a public place, who knows.

  3. I like to read it. Am I being a selfish voyeur? Who knows. One thing I've always liked about your blog is your honesty and how sometimes I feel like probably one of the few ways in which we are similar is that we both have to get stuff out through writing (thoughts, not any other kind of stuff wink), it's a cliche but again true, the cathartic thing. But it is mostly enjoyable to read, and not overtly self-indulgent. Much as a blog can be.

    I wrestle with this all the time. I write a lot of shit I never post.
    I've posted stuff and regretted it. It's a hard one.

  4. i also like to read even the shittest shit, as long as it's honest and true. i love raw. but again, like sub, i can be pretty voyeuristic.

    if in doubt, don't maybe. look at why you have the compulsion to write this stuff you're talking about. is it revenge? then don't do it. is it to shock? then do it. is it going to hurt someone else? don't do it. is it only going to make you uncomfortable? then do it.

    it is a hard one. but we will catch you.

    i think you are one of the rawest bloggers and that's what i love about reading your stuff. it's a good thing.

  5. Don't tease me like this!

  6. Writing about situations sometimes makes them more clear. Like sweeping out the dust bunnies from under your bed. It's easier to get a good night sleep without all those musty-dusties kicking around *achoo*.

    You're not anonymous, though, which must make it worlds harder at times. But maybe that's where the bravery steps in. Fearlessness is a mighty thing, be it emotional or physical.

    good luck on the job. i'll keep my toes and fingers crossed.

  7. While I don't blog myself I find that expressing things can make them real for me. Whereas some things, if not voiced aren't quite as real as they shoud be. But I'm weird, so what the hey. I love the writing still Matty B.