Thursday, April 12, 2007

and I got shot in the head by a skateboard gun too.

I meet the guy who paints these pictures. I meet him for the first time, though we've known each other for years. I meet a man who asks me, do you have a band? I say, I used to have a band now I have half a band - hopefully soon I'll have a whole band. He's not listening, but I don't mind, he's so high he's dancing in unseen currents high above the earth. He draws back good on his smoke, turns his head to look at the crowd gathered in the tiny gallery and exhales long and strong as he swivels back to stare me in the eye. No-one's anyone 'less they got a band, he says. I laugh, and so does he. For a moment I realise how funny everything is. His girlfriend the sculptor wears a necklace made of skulls. There are people dressed in baggy trousers drinking tinnies on the street. There are good looking girls in low cut dresses. Everyone looks happy to be here. My guy and I both wear ties. He has a jacket, I have a shirt and we're both lucky men if you look beside us. Maybe I'm the luckiest, I think as I take a long deep gulp on my beer and light up.

Later there's steak but that's my business.


  1. What sort of skulls, if you don't mind me asking.

    It's good to be lucky. Yay for luck!

  2. Little weeny ceramic ones all on a thread with a single big one in the middle. A girl walked up to her and said, can I touch you? Skulls have that effect on some people.

  3. drugs can also have that effect on people. i once had a stranger come up to me at a party and call me an angel.

    at least i put it down to drugs.

    so, drugs and skulls then?

    and i wanted to ask about the steak. you are a cruel, cruel host to with hold that type of information, dear hell.

  4. is with hold two words? or with-hold, or withhold?

    actually, the 3rd one looks best i think.

  5. No drugs, just skulls. And make up. A potent enough combination if you with...hey it is weird to spell! What's with that. Withold. Withhold.

    Shit. It's like some sort of loop.

  6. I was going to go to that opening. But then I had to work. And I was going to wear my cream-cracker necklace.

  7. "And we're both lucky men if you look beside us"



  8. hey the pictures loaded this time. before they were just frames with that little box with the red cross.