Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We can work it out.

Soundtrack: Jolie Holland / Old Fashion Morphine

Epiphany: One of the main principles of design is Perspective. Perspective makes the world an entirely different place. You can change your world, simply by changing your angle of approach. Same world, different perspective. Works for me.


Things are strange as they always are. If you care for the people around you, it makes it so much easier to hurt them. Some people decide to do as they will, regardless of the consequences, I guess this is a "it's my life" attitude. I'm sorry that I hurt you, but this is how I live. I understand this. I live this, sometimes. But having been on the receiving end of major hurt from this attitude, I also understand what it feels like on the other side. It's a difficult balancing act. Sometimes you have to create major hurt in order to stop continual throbbing hurt. Hurt hurt hurt. I don't even like the letters in that word. It looks horrible.

Perspective is the only answer to this conundrum. Facing the hurt, does not make it go away. Ignoring it, does not make it go away. The only way to get through it, is to gain some perspective. A broader outlook. Make it about neither you or them or anyone else. Look at the world, look at life, understand how it all works, suck it all in, and move forward. Forward is good. And just around the corner...


I need to take stock and gain some perspective. To do this, I am taking myself out of this beautifully gloomy grey town and driving on my own for two hours to look at:

Pictures like this. Rennie Ellis. I like this one. It's hot. My 40 year old step sister used to work for Rennie Ellis, years ago. And he once took a photo of my mum's boobs. Useless fact #274.

In Daylesford, Hepburn and Clunes this weekend, is the opening of the International Daylesford Photography Biennial. My friend is in it. She takes photos like this:

She uses a biscuit tin. She's very clever. But most importantly, she is a great friend of mine and I am going there to support her in her first major foray toward International Fame and Glory. GO FAME AND GLORY.

Also she is the genius behind the WORST AND GREATEST PUN EVER.

Last year we sat at a bar in the city together, drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes. I was attempting to teach her how to pun. I pointed to the wooden bar. I said, I WOOD teach you how to pun (points at cigarette butt ) BUT...

She got very angry at me, and her inability to do it.

A few whiskeys later, she screamed, I HAVE ONE. I HAVE A PUN.

Go on, I said...

She pointed to a plant, next to a lamp and said:



PLAMP! Plant / Lamp! PLAMP!

I ordered another whiskey.

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