Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Greek Man Travelling Downwards.


B isn't it?

Yes, hello...

Maya, we used to go to school together, in Elwood.

I remember, how are you Maya?

Good, thank you. What's been happening, where are you off to?

Just off to work eh.

And what are you doing with yourself B?

Just working for the man, you know...

Oh cool. Well, I'm a writer. I'm writing a book. I'm just in LOVE with words right now.

Sweet. Words are wonderful aren't they?

Oh B, you have no idea. If you could see, if only you could understand, if you could feel the way the


I'm sorry what?

Waltz. I think words should waltz. Dance gives me the impression of lots of little letters bouncing up and down to Pigback's Pigback. Ba ba ba BA! Ba ba baaa know? I think they should waltz, it's far more elegant, and more appropriate.

Yes, well, waltz then. But I think you're missing the point. Then again, it's hard for other people to understand the power of words. I mean, how can I, as a writer, convey to non-writers what I feel, the way the words travel through me...

Isn't that the point of writing? For you, as a writer, to convey what you feel?

Now you're being deliberately contrary...

I am? I don't mean to be!

ANYWAY, I'm writing a book about trees, and their relationship to people, and my relationship to this land, my aboriginal heritage...

Oh, I didn't know you were Koori.

Oh I'm not, but I feel I am. I feel, a deep connection to this land that most people cannot understand.

You seem to know a lot of things that other people don't understand.

Yes, I think I do. I talk about it in my book, I talk about the earth, Gaia the Goddess...

Oh, so it's a Hippie book. So you're a Hippie!

That's a very narrow minded view...

Yes but, hang on. Investigation, a vital tool for writing, leads me to Observe that you're currently wearing a tie dyed t-shirt under your jacket, a hand knitted Rasta Hat and you have incredibly long dreadlocks. Conclusion: Hippie.

I don't think you understand.

You keep saying that.

Well, look, this is my stop. It's been...well, I hope you see one day the folly of "working for the man" as you are. Creativity B, you should Investigate THAT sometime.

Ok ma'am. Nice to see you.






  1. You are wonderfully cruel.

  2. You think so? I just listened most of the time. Hehe.

  3. Is it 'Con Descending'?

  4. *puts Gold Star on Ms Spades*

  5. oh great, just what we need, another bloody Marlo Morgan.

    You were very restrained.


    Are you being arty at me again?