Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I barely understand myself, in fact I fucking don't, so even slightly understanding other people seems well beyond me.

Some people are so simple, and great. It seems, anyway. Just normal people, with normal normal normal.

Hi, I'm sexy, smart, and completely normal.


I'm not. I don't think.

Then I'll wear a tie and appear to the outside world as a normal person in a tie.

Yep, I'm neither sexy nor smart, but I've got a tie on, so you know, normal.

*whistles gaily*


Sometimes, no matter how far you travel, you still find yourself walking over the same old ground.

I do find that to be frustrating.

But then again, occasionally people just come out and say:

... I have the house to myself, as the wife and child will be in Geelong. Do you guys wanna come around for a drink, talk shit and perhaps watch the deluxe DVD edition of Trading Places?

So yeah, fucking super sweet. And a big finger fuck to the Rest of the Universe.

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