Monday, June 18, 2007

We've got to get together sooner or later, because the revolution's here...

Having killed myself at the start of the year, I suddenly find myself more alive than ever. People get to thinking about death very rarely, which is sad because it truly is the one thing which we all have in common, the mind bending unknown into which no-one but the dead themselves can see. And when you think about the irony, that this common ground we share has created the most powerful and everlasting institutions on earth, religions formed purely for the sake of giving us some perspective on the The End Of All makes me laugh, because you know what? I've been afraid too, and I've reacted terribly, and I've panicked and cried and I've done these things at events which do not even register in the face of the End. And that's all religion is, a worldwide spiritual panic, a frightened mob racing for the lifeboats, a distraction, a dope. It's not salvation, it's a salve, a tonic, Bigginsworth and Son's Potent Elixir, and in the mob's mad dash for hope they not only give all responsibility and all control over their own fucking souls, the most important thing they own, the only thing which makes a man his own man, which if you ever take the fucking time to stop trying to drip personality, if you ever sit silent and slow it all down to what's real, it's the softest, gentlest voice you have. The one that preaches love to all, forgiveness for yourself, and gives you a way forward which does not come from God, or from Work, or from anything other than you, and you are the stars, you and your soul, a part of everything and forever wandering the universe, exploding and regenerating for all time, and now and again, or maybe just once, now, this life, you get to appreciate it, get to actually see the process at work, to marvel at the fucking patterns and the endless fractal interconnections of me and you and the stars beyond and it makes you laugh with delight and weep with melancholy and joy, the lucky, the aware.

But what are you going to do with that soul huh?

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