Monday, June 18, 2007


And just quickly, last night as present for my bestest and most beautiful, I purchased Steve Martin's Shopgirl, which is of course a movie far too kissy and girly for a rugged man of the land such as myself.

Except, I should have known, should have realised that Mr Martin is a genius in his lifelong study of the outsider, the odd, and the lonely. And in tears at the end of the movie, shocked at this fucking unexpected tale of love which seemed so god damn real, I mean REAL, I vowed never again to judge a DVD by its cover.*

I really was suprised. Just thought I'd open up for a little. Carry on.

*I've moved with the times.


  1. humph. i have passed over shopgirl thinking it would be crap.

    [reconsiders now]

  2. Yeah me too. And you know, it is still kind of one of those movies, but it's also like a book. And it's kind of surprising, and I totally cried like the wussy romantic I am.

    No, I should just say, it's good. Steve Martin is a great writer.