Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mess & Noise.

Whatever people's personal opinions are of The Palace, I have a lot of special memories of that place. Watching it burn to the ground yesterday was weird. All those memories, turn to ash. But as a bystander said, perhaps it's more fitting to watch it go this way, than to watch it destroyed by the wrecking ball of progress. Or as my spunky buddy put it, it committed suicide. Funny, it was probably about 27 years old too.

Gigs that I can remember having seen at The Palace:

Nirvana. Already on tour before Nevermind was released, they hit Australia just as they went Galactic. Beautiful.

My first ever rave, on my first ever trip with my first ever girlfriend. Must have been 1992 or something. Shannon and her friends invited me to a rave and gave me a trip, I had to look cool, but I was so nervous I snuck into the toilet and only had half, flushing the other half a trip down the sink. We danced to Cosmic Baby, fuck knows who the Hell that was. But it was my first techno experience, and there were lasers and there was my little blondie love smiling at me, and I felt...home.

Jesus, I can't even remember...

Queens of the Stone Age. Still, both George and I agree when we are drunk, the Greatest Gig We Have Ever Seen. When it's so good you want every song to be the last song, but it just never let up, two freaking hours of losing your mind. I saw them there twice, I can't remember which one it was. I think it was the Songs for the Deaf tour.

The Cramps.
Bad Brains. Why? I don't know. My stoner reggae friend took me...
Kings of Leon.
Eagles of Death Metal. HELLO.
Monster Magnet. When they were good, after Superjudge I think.
Jesus Lizard.
Jon Spencer.
Sonic Youth? Did they play there?

I'm racking my brain, there's got to be a whole stack more, but I just can't remember...

I got to see The Pixies there. A perfect send off to an icon of my youth.

Oh, and I met the owner of the place once at a Swinger's Party, but that's whole different story...

Bye Little Palace. I don't care what people say about you. I loved you.


PS: I just saw the Herald Sun headline, DISCO INFERNO. God that'd be a fun job...


  1. We are both thinking of Nirvana.
    I freakin LOVED Cosmic Baby in the early 90s. He was a classical music prodigy from Germany turned techno muso extraordinaire. I could play his stuff on the piano, it was like Bach meets Doof.
    Sounds pretty crap now though.
    And what do you mean you don't know why you went to Bad Brains? They were/are some hardcore skanking muthas. I think they've reformed.
    Also apparently they brought the largest amount of herb ever into the green room of The Palace. Good Times.

  2. I think I enjoyed it, I can't remember. It was in my Hash smoking days too. I was just never really a hard-core skankin' mutha, so I would never have thought to go if I hadn't have been taken.

    Hehe, you loved Cosmic Baby.

    Good freakin' times indeed. And a fitting end me thinks.

  3. I'll wear it.
    There was a lot worse stuff I could've liked. At least he was CLASSICALLY trained, dammit!

    Do you think people will look back in a few years and say 'hehe, you like House?'

    I don't get House, but SO many people are all over it.

    (the music not the tv show. Although same goes for that too).

  4. Oh ear, here's giving my youthful tastes away:

    The Wondersuff, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Carter USM.

    More recently: DJ Shadow and the Pixies.

    and hey, I went to cosmic baby with a girl called Shannon and took aid, too.

    does this make us a club of sorts?

  5. Did we go together? Now that would be strange.