Sunday, July 15, 2007

Part 1

We sit and laugh
in the dark back corner of the Bar.
We drink whiskey.
The piano player plays to polite applause.
Her long stockinged leg stretches out
and points playfully to the man who
sitting two tables over,
fixes his stare on the barmaid
not as a lech,
but as a lonely old father
and a romantic fool
dreaming the soft musk
of his past conquests,
unsure whether to compare the
olive skinned student
to his daughter or his mistress.


  1. That better be on the Piano...

  2. I wish to hell and back the ending of this didn't call to mind that aptly named photo of the "man with the predatory hair."

  3. TOTALLY. But this guy was a little more wistful than that, perhaps recalling his time on the "Love Boat"...

  4. ewww. gross.

    Who'd he call the "Love Boat?"

  5. it's hard to miss.

    i wonder who's idea those shorts were, though? someone has a funny bone!

  6. Remarkably, there is no bone in that photo.

    Perhaps it was pre-viagra?

  7. His "friend" however, is not.