Sunday, July 15, 2007

Part 4

You swap self protective tales,
plans for the future
the desire to travel alone
to focus on or find a career
your friends
their friends
stories from years gone by
the funny things you did
when we were kids
the trials and tribulations
of having parents
or not, as it may be,
because you're both a little unsure
about what today and tomorrow will bring,
but the fear is okay.

It's an engine that fear,
it keeps you running.

and you both like that, don't you.


  1. Cheer up some, boy. I think you should probably go for a ride on the ferris wheel in the city. It has been known to make grown men weep with happiness. Or maybe terror. I don't know, depends on if you're scared of heights or not. Go at nighttime, the city is prettier that way, I went on it last night and it made my heart happy.

  2. I've been on it, it's cool. And Saturday Night I saw it from high above the city.

    I'm cheered, these are cheery, they're my story, and they're cheery.

  3. Well that's good then. Back to the story.