Sunday, August 5, 2007

Intermission: Epistle all over the bar.

We interrupt this accidentally depressing story to bring you this important update.


I think K is my favourite letter.

K huh? Why K?

Well, it's all cool and sneaky. Like when night arrives and says, Hey everybody, I'm night, full of mystery and stars! K sort of just sidles up next to it and says, Errr, sorry mate, but you're actually a guy in a shiny suit on a horse. And when now get's all urgent and shit, K just walks up and says, yeah yeah I know. Or when new is so proud of itself K is all, yeah, I already dug it.

You're very strange today.

Yes. And when you've got a really scratchy head because of nits, K comes and makes you mittens and a beanie.

Okay, K is kind of cool.

Isn't it? And its in lots of rude words, like cock, and fuck and suck, and it's in knob, and killer, and and and...

Ok ok, enough with the K. What about S?

Maaah, S doesn't even care. S is too popular.

And O?

O is cool. It's even cooler when it's twins or more. It dresses up in a sheet and pretends it's a ghost. Oooooo!

Okay, what about the other vowels?

I think the vowels are pretty happy letters. Although U is a bit weird.

How so?

Well it keeps following Q around. Q can't even take a piss without U being there.


And I think T is generally cool with itself, except when H is around. Then it gets all schmoopy and soft.

What about J?

J is gay, no doubt about it. Some people don't even say J. Because J is confused about its sexual identity. Is it a Y or a G? J has serious issues.

Let's have a drink.



  1. I was looking forward to the story, but it looks like you had fun with this!

  2. i love you.

    now take your pants off.