Monday, August 6, 2007

So I split.

True Story.

I'm walking down Johnston St, it's a beautiful sunny day 'cept for the wind which always makes people kind of crazy. And everyone does that thing like, when you're walking and you're trying to make your hair look better but you don't want to look you're trying to make your hair look better, so you just kind of quickly brush it as you walk, all casual like. I pass four people who are doing that. And I'm doing it too. We're all fucked. The wind has the final say in the matter. Ruffles for you my friends, ruffles for you.

I'm walking down Johnston St and all of a sudden there's a banana peel on the street in front of me. I look around and oddly enough, there's not only no people to be seen anywhere, there's no cars either. The wind even dies down, so it's just me, and the banana peel. No, really.

So look, I don't know what sort of person you are, or what bizarre thoughts you entertain in a situation like this, but me? I'm a go for it type of guy. And I see this as a chance, Cause and Effect. Investigation with a capital I, even if it's in the middle of sentence like this: I think this is the perfect time to Investigate. Makes the word that much stronger.

So I take a few steps back, line it up, get the angle right and the pacing distance, and start forward. I'm keeping my eyeline straight, but slightly looking down to make sure I get my feet in the right spot. I do. I walk right on that goddamn banana peel and my feet slips and I go arse over tit.

Banana: 1
Me: 0
My scientific determination: 1

I figure it's a draw.


  1. limpy cripple!!

  2. haaha i'd do the sammee thing

  3. What's the sammee thing? To be an incredible entertainer in your own right, but bound eternally in the shadow of Frank and Deano?

  4. don't forget liza, the token broad.

  5. Shit, I need coffee. I had no idea what that meant, I was thinking something from My Fair Lady and she says token broad instead of broken toad...but why would MG say that...and what connection to the banana peel.

    But yes. Token broad. Liza. Got it.

    I'm just going to go...err..have a coffee now.

  6. she IS a bit of a broken toad as well.

    but glad you got it. coffee?