Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well I've been bad, and I've been worse.

The fever brings dreams, Indian rhythms, Bare Ladies, cold sweats and a roller coaster of words and scenic sentences, punctuated by flaming rhetoric until the carriage returns and we come to a full stop. Two days I'm down and out, in Brunswick and Fitzroy - sick or well, I'm sicker than some, it's the bottom, the barrel, a room no view only bed sleep burn sweat freeze repeat. Later I wake in an ocean just as I'm coming up for air, and a familiar hand of a friend pulls me out of the water and says, tell us to make the sound of a volcano, and I do, and they follow. The lava sets beneath us and the drums in my chest turn the mountain to skin to a porn star all sweet honeyed wet who laughs and says, I don't so that sort of thing.

I am asleep for almost five days.


How are you?

Oh yes fine, and you?

Oh yes fine, well I must be off, goodbye...

Yes, take care, so long.

There's one in China, one lies in ruins in Berlin, I have a soft spot for the Floyd version, but it doesn't make it any less bizarre when you come up against one in the middle of the street where once there was none. So, when no-one's looking, I do that mime thing and climb over the wall.

Up ahead, Spring beckons me to shed the last vestiges of Winter.

And I've never needed an excuse to strip.


  1. Feeling any better?

    Don't forget the lemon/honey/ginger infusion.

    In your all-togethers, you'll be streakng like a rainbow across town in no time.

  2. my illness nicely put... feel better brother...

  3. my big wall is overseas; i have several small fences around town which i don't really care if i run into.