Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Arse and all.

Last week in The Devil's hotel room, he said:
I've got a fucking right to carry a gun man.
One day I got home, and there was a guy standing over
my girlfriend, pulling the doona back while
she was asleep. I chased him away,
but if I had wanted to, I could have shot him.
That's my right. That is the right of everyone, in America.
To bear arms, to defend that which they love.

The only conversations I'd ever had with anyone
about things like that, were over a latte,
reading the paper, on a fine Spring day.
Never face to face, flesh to flesh,
with someone who
believed it. Lived it.
Bled for it.

I put up an argument. I said, but it's common sense,
isn't it? If you arm EVERYONE,
then there's more chance of things going crazy,
of people being killed. I'm not a believer
in Deterrence.

The Devil looked me in the eye.
Common sense? What the fuck is that?

I don't fucking know brother,
an ideal perhaps.

I laughed.
The Devil shook his head.
I leaned over the table,
and the last of my common sense
was blasted through my nose
and out the back of my head.

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