Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fuck World Peace.

The Fake Star Sign I was going to write:

Today you will be completely shocked to find out that your most far-fetched bullshit fuck rock n' roll dream actually has a chance of motherfuckin' happening. You will sit at work, stare at your screen and giggle uncontrollably at the Planets and how things work out. You were in a hotel room semi-naked with one of your rock idols not three days ago, use that as a platform to believe...make a fucking wish baby. Make a fucking wish and watch the stars burn bright.

Hell Yeah.

My Herald Sun Star Sign for today:

Whatever you can do, or dream that you can do, begin it now. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.' So said Goethe a couple of hundred years ago. He could have been writing it with you in mind. The coming months are going to bring amazing possibilities, and today is a time where the initial impetus can easily become apparent. Take note of today's signs and omens, because somewhere in them lie pointers to your possibilities, particularly at the professional level. We make our own fortune, and today is a day where you can influence your medium to long-term future positively.


Crazy. Fucking Crazy.
A week ago I wouldn't have believed.
Now, I'm in the hands of The Devil


  1. go baby go
    create create create

  2. ı've always found the herlad sun zodıac thıngys to be partıcularly accurate. i'm not shıttıng you.

    oh and hello.