Monday, September 17, 2007


And I wish
that you would come on down
and get involved.
And I wish
that you would stick around,
just come on down.


[You can't live like this forever. You think that it's okay, but it's not. Fuck you.]


It's scary, but mostly sad, when you see the reflection. When you're back on the mountain and covered in mud, clawing your way higher to get closer to Heaven. Or in my case, to get away from everyone so I can find a better understanding of The Way. When all of a sudden you see the reflection of the world in the sky above, and there you are - an elemental spectre, seemingly climbing out of the sky toward the earth so that you'll pass each other as the lips of the mountains meet, you into Heaven, and the other you, back down into the Hell you're escaping from.

Well that's a bit fucked, I think. Stop climbing and sit and take in the view. No longer sure which way is up. Remembering A Thousand Cuts, A Thousand Kisses, A Single Moment, Eyes Locked, Skin on Skin, Tears In Their Eyes, Rips In Our Hearts, One Faint Memory...

[I don't even have a memory.]

I do.
I have millions.
And here on the side
of the mountain they begin
to fall
millions and
millions and
millions and
millions and millions
of moments,
none more important than the
next and each one brings
its own joy and
even the terrible and horrific
contrast with the
Light, to create a
form that is neither Black
nor White, but simply


Lord, let it rain on me
Now I know I'm goin' down
I've got a little knowledge, Lord
And I'm about ready now


When the rain stops I can see the river winding its way through the landscape below.

I turn around, and keep climbing.

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