Monday, November 26, 2007

The Artful Dodger.

On Sunday morning,
there was no doubt,
that I felt different.
And the country,
looked changed,
smelled finer,
sounded brighter.

See, sometimes
you don't even know,
that you're in pain
until the fucking pain stops.

But honestly?
I don't like politics.
Because I don't like the fact,
that it is all a dance, a game,
and popularity makes deception
more palatable than the Truth,
which more often than not,
ends up being served cold.

My games are different to yours.
Yours are savage and satire,
intellect and smarts,
mine is saddened wisdom,
feeling blindly in my heart.

So I say, leave me be,
and I will do the same.
You can play adults,
ruling the world,
leading the people,
choosing your teams.

I am just happy to play
in the sandpit
of my own

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