Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Goodness in Me.

Goodness lay on the couch.

She didn't look well.

The Devil sat perched on my shoulder and said,
there's nothing you can do, let's get out of here boy-o.

Death stood in the corner, silent and patient as always.
But I could see him looking at her.
I knew that look.

Leave her with Death,
said The Devil,
It'll be easier, I'll make it easier...

It's true,
she'd slowed us down,
changed our path, but
I was loathe to walk away from her forever,
for as much as I was in The Devil's grip,
it was Goodness who kept me sane, kept me whole,
reminded me of why I was on this trip,
and without her all I could see
was me, Death and The Devil.
for all eternity.


B, what are you doing?
I could tell he was angry, but I didn't listen.
I could feel his claws in me, but I didn't flinch.
I could feel his hate, born like flies
from the maggots of his lies.

And I bled for it, believe me.


I leaned over, gently kissed her, held her hand,
said, wake up, Goodness, I won't leave you behind.
Picked her up - heavy, so heavy -put her softly around my shoulders,
and said,

Okay, now we can go.

The Devil frowned as I trudged ahead.

Death followed, as Death does, forever silent, one step behind.

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