Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Heavy words are so lightly thrown.

Here on the side of the road you can taste the future
and it's dust/heat/sand and
[that's right - sweet - no sweat]

Remember the old ways?
Remember when the words came as tears?
Remember when your meaning was a knife,
but all you managed to do,
was cut yourself?
Remember when you goddamn gave a fuck?
[because now for once -
it's true - you really
fucking don't - you really
fucking don't]

So here on the side of the road just sit and wait,
for the Three. The Devil and Virtue and Death.
[they come for me - teehee - teehee]

And while you wait, your cigarette is a kiln,
and the heart of clay sets hard as stone.
And all these words, are for you alone.

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