Monday, January 14, 2008

The Wonder in Me.

I am asleep.

Death and I walk slowly together across the night sky.

Death is weeping.

His tears fall into the dark and form stars,
and the stars form a path,
and the path draws me on....

I feel alive,
I am walking on stars, and I know
that these stars are you and I.

I wake up.
Goodness is beside me,

She asks,
What did you see?

I say,
Fuck, it's so beautiful,
it's so fucking beautiful.

I know,
she says,
I know.

I sit up and rest my head on her shoulder.

The Devil is nowhere to be seen.

But there is Death,
standing aside from us,
and staring into the sky.

And I can hear him weep.

I can hear Death weep,
and in the waking life,
his tears are not stars,
but notes;

The most beautiful song I ever heard.

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