Wednesday, February 20, 2008


remember that?
2004, and before
because you deleted
much more
because of that...



And now you're having
way too much fun,
but maybe today -
just one:

Sonic Youth tonight.
Makes me think of
the Bear - Clare,
and that black and white
photo from the Metro
which sits in my drawer,

And how everyone had Goo
t-shirts except me.

But that was fine
because they'd always
wear them on the same day,
and I'd laugh.

And Teenage fucking Riot will play,
and I'll say -
this is for you Davey,

and all things that we have done and seen and smashed and smiled
and drank and cried and laughed and that thing inside which everyone
has, but which I've dedicated my life trying to chase.

Fire fire - set me on fire - and I'll burn for us all.


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