Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm wrestling with Frustration on the floor of my lounge room,
waiting for Inspiration to arrive.

This is a fucking waste of time,
Frustration says,
let's go out.

And worse,
dangerous even,

I can sense that Boredom
isn't far off,
and I know what usually
happens when those
two get together.


But I've got something to say,
it's just that
I can't work out how to say it.

What is it?

It's about the Stars,
and it's about other things too,
Secret Things,
and I feel like,
if I can write it down,

if I can just write it down...

As I'm thinking this,
there's a knock at the door,
and I smile thinking Inspiration
has arrived but when I open the door

Honesty and Simplicity

and they sit me down at my desk

and make me write and I write one sentence...

Why reach for the stars,
when the earth beneath your fingers
feels so fucking good.

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