Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me and my demons.

Me and my demons
we tend to go everywhere together.

It's gets so people are used to them.
It even gets so people don't recognise me
without them.
I mean if I'm feeling okay one day
it gets so people get agitated
they don't like it
and they try to remind me.

What's with you today? You're acting strange.
I don't know, I'm happy I guess.
Yeah well, I don't like it. You want a shot? A whisky? A beer?

Most times I resign myself to it.


And after a few
the demons are back
and people seem to rest easier around me.
Like they've got me pinned.
A lost little butterfly for their collection.
Easy to categorise. Easy to examine and understand.

That guy. He's got demons.

He's real messed up, you know?

And people nod their heads and look sideways at me
but I don't notice when the demons are with me.

Or if I do, I don't care so much.

Give the people what they want, and they'll leave you be.

So I just drink.
Sometimes I play the clown.
Sometimes I swear and sometimes I fall down.

And when I go home I get in the shower and cry
and I watch my sadness wash down the drain
through the pipes and out to sea
where the tears of all the lost and lonely join together
to form the oceans
so that the happy and the free
can sit on the beach
staring out over it and holding hands
and being in love.

"Isn't it beautiful, darling?"
"Yes gorgeous, it truly is."

And at home I sit quietly on the couch
in front of the television and the fire keeps me warm.

And so do my demons.

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