Monday, April 7, 2008

The Land That I Forgot.

I'm not really one to use
my imagination,
I say.

I mostly write
from the heart
and try to be
as direct as possible
with my language.

I see,
he says.

We're walking along
a winding
stone path
which leads
through the garden
under the canopy
and I can feel
the eyes of the creatures
that live in the jungle
as the face of the moon
blushes behind the clouds
and the sky turns red
and joins the sun
to set the leaves
burning gold
which sets me free
though I am old
to run to jump
to be a child
to love to hunt
back in the wild
here in the land
where no-one smiles
as at a half-wit
and says,
it's all in your mind
it's all in your mind

and I can hear him
saying something
behind me on the path.
something about

and all i can think
as I fly away

is how sad it is for him,
to have to work
on someone else's mind
without ever
being free
within his own.

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