Thursday, April 17, 2008

Song sung in the style of Lou Reed.

just trying to feel
to hold a heart
to finish what I start
just trying to be real

What have I stolen
from your eyes?
Replaced with bitter lies
so when you cry
I might fly
I might fly
I might fly
and dream of
and dream of you

not my daddy's son
The Devil's number one
Number six six six
Just to get my kicks
Just to get my fix
my one in the gun

were the sweetest thing
My hope in Hell
My key to the cell
my beautiful one
your love was a bitter prize
because I died
so that you might fly
you might fly
you might fly
and dream of
and dream of me

So hey, I guess
it didn't go our way
the day by day
a matchstick in the hay
a needle in the mud
I buried it good
the love that we should
have planted in the fields
under the sun
out in the open
our chance to grow
our chance to feel
our chance to live
our chance to die
together as one

your tears
were a sweet surprise
the day I died
I watched you cry
I watched you fly
The day I died
I dreamed of
I dreamed of you

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